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About Our Market


                The world around COVID-19 has changed. And so are the needs of our Citizens. Yesterday when the whole world was on the streets to shop their daily needs, today they look out for the same needs from the comfort of their couch. Since, not many are allowed to venture out of their home due to Covid-19 restrictions, we took the responsibility to reach at your door with your needs. We bring the store to your door. 

                We are a bunch of enthusiasts, who have come together to serve you. A family of 4 young individuals comprise of the team who are not only passionate human beings but also empathetic to other individuals equally. We are committed for quality, accuracy and timeliness. We bring the exclusivity of delivering on time and customer service. C for Customer, D for Delight on a to Z products is what we see dream of. CDreamZ is ultimately See Dreams and feel it to fulfill it.

               We maintain Covid-19 guidelines by the Govt. of Odisha and have maintained our integrity around it. We will ensure the safety of our customers as well as our own.

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